Welcome to the new automated marketing

Thanks to Hexagon.click you will be able to hire, manage and optimize SEM traffic from almost any platform without previous knowledge, without investing time and being able to compare all metrics from a single panel.

Locate the platform that your target audience uses the most and optimize your money in the most efficient way in one click.

Simplicity with professional results without advanced knowledge

From our panel you can access all your campaigns in a simple way and with clear and useful values, all the content is designed to be able to see at a glance if our campaign is working properly or on the contrary the public that comes to our website is not responding well and we must make improvements to achieve the perfect optimization of our recruitment process.

Automated media buying

Automated media buying system for targeted campaigns with learning system and optimization of high quality sources for your campaign.

Anti-fraud system and optimization

Hexagon.click has its own system of Anti Fraud and Optimization of traffic sources, avoiding being charged for sources that are not profitable for your campaign and all they do is generate fraudulent or useless clicks.

Google Ads and Social Ads insertion

Unify your media buying campaign with Google Ads and Social Ads advertising. You can contract them through Hexagon.click or by monitoring your own campaigns.

Unification of multi-support campaigns

Hire Social Ads SEM campaigns, optimized programmatic, Influencers and audible advertising all from a single platform.

The only platform that allows you to manage EVERYTHING from a single panel in a simple way and without any previous knowledge.

Transparency with your customers


Cost savings in customer maintenance


Increased audience outreach capacity


Increased customer management


Get your customers used to access their advertising campaigns from your platform with their username and password, save a lot of time and money being themselves who generate their customized reports or avoiding their queries to know the status of their investment, from Hexagon.click they will be aware of everything when they need it 24 hours a day, daily spending or by dates, on what platforms the money is being spent and the results.

The perfect worker for Advertising Agencies

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Use Hexagon.click within your own domain name

You can use Hexagon.click as a subdomain for your customers to access it from your own website, providing an additional service while saving considerable time as your customers will be able to see the status of their campaigns and even download reports without you having to do anything.

Customize with your corporate colors so that Hexagon.click integrates seamlessly into your company and your website if you wish.

Unify all online advertising actions

Through Hexagon.click you can program mass media campaigns complementing them with Google Adwords and Social Ads, Programmatic, influencers and sound bites resulting in a global and measurable campaign for your customers in real time and with verified clicks to avoid fraud.

You also have the possibility to connect your campaigns created by you so that Hexagon.click only shows the values.

Fraudulent click detection and filtering

Nowadays, it is more and more essential to optimize our traffic, for this we have a new additional protection block that will help us to clean the clicks that come from unwanted users, websites and IPs.

For this we have our own Check-Click engine URLTRACK.Click, this service can be used through our own API for companies that need to record the actual KPIs of interactions such as effectiveness of Influencers.

At least 40% of Internet traffic is non-human (bot traffic). Some of these bots are designed to commit PPC click fraud.
What’s stopping your competitors from clicking on your ads, draining your advertising budget and taking your customers?
Hexagon.click tries to learn from your traffic sources to discard sources that do not attract quality Clicks.
Click farms are a large-scale fraud operation to generate fake Clicks.

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